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Cultural diversity of Los Angeles County

The Los Angeles County
Fire Department

Battalion 3 serving the unincorporated area of East Los Angeles

Fire Station #22
928 S. Gerhart Ave., East Los Angeles   90022-4108
(323) 721-3886

Fire Station #3
930 S. Eastern Ave., East Los Angeles   90022-4801
(323) 269-4124

Fire Station #1
1108 N. Eastern Ave., East Los Angeles  90063-3216
(323) 268-5884

Fire Station #40
4864 S. Durfee, Pico Rivera   90660-2459
(562) 699-3268

Role and Mission
The Fire Department protects the lives of Los Angeles County residents, the environment and property within its 2,280-square-mile jurisdiction. The Department provides prompt, skillful, and cost-effective fire protection and life-saving services to nearly 4 million residents in 57 cities and all of the unincorporated County areas. Department operations are divided into three Regional Operations Bureaus located in Inglewood, Valencia, and the City of Industry. Under the direction of Deputy Fire Chief Daryl Osby, the East Regional Operations Bureau serves the unincorporated communities of Whittier and East Los Angeles.

"Our Mission is to Protect Lives, the Environment, and Property
by Providing Prompt, Skillful and Cost Effective Fire Protection and Life Safety Services."


    Fire Suppression
    Call the 911 Emergency Phone Number and your local Fire Station will respond.

    Emergency Medical Services
    Call the 911 Emergency Phone Number and your local Paramedic Team will respond.

    Fire Prevention
    We provide public information to assist you in improving the safety of your home and property, for more information call your local Fire Station for assistance.

    Forestry Service
    The Forestry Division protects our landscape through conservation and planting

    Health & Hazardous Material Safety
    Our mission is to protect the public health and the environment throughout Los Angeles County from accidental releases and improper handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials and wastes through coordinated efforts of inspections, emergency response, enforcement, and site mitigation oversight. Our Hazardous Materials Specialists are environmental health professionals dedicated to preventing pollution by serving both the public and business communities in Los Angeles County.

    Baywatch at your local area beaches, rescuing swimmers and keeping the surfers in their safe areas as well as warning of riptides and unsafe tidal conditions, as well as monitoring dangerous marine animals that may be in the area.

USAR Task Forces (Urban Search and Rescue)
Equipped with specialized search equipment and canines, USAR Task Force Members are highly trained to search for victims in collapsed structures, and confined spaces. Helicopters are used to assist USAR Responders in pulling victims from the dangers of swift water; they're trained year round to respond to all types of catastrophic emergencies.